Hi I’m Kirsten Wolfe. I'm a Fertility Acupuncturist Practice Owner Business Coach Speaker Facilitator Mum of 2

My passion is helping practitoners excel in fertility, women’s health and create a thriving practice. I’m here for you – the version you are now, throughout the journey and the version you inspire to be!

Kirsten is a registered Chinese Medicine practitioner, with nearly 30 years of experience in health care. A life longer learner gives her a unique understanding of the human body, spirit and mind, she is a Natural Fertility Awareness Trainer, The Fertile Method Trainer, Author of “The Fertile Life Method” fertility eBook, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnosis practitioner, business coach & TCM Lecturer just to name a few.

Kirsten is highly dedicated to her work She shares her vast knowledge of Chinese Reproductive Medicine, passion for teaching and helping practitioners grow by fertility training over 250 Acupuncturists from Australia and NZ in The Fertile Life Method & business.  As well as running the International Integrative Chinese Medicine Conference IICMC, practitioner seminars plus retreats with Clare Pyres.

Kirsten has two and a half decades of experience running a high-paced, high-volume Clinic. Mornington Chinese Medicine is one of the busiest clinics in Australia, boasting between 250-300 patients per week and one turning over 7 figures.

Kirsten’s core value is heart-based not money based, she brings her warmth and care to both patients, practitioners and staff creating a supportive environment where there is no competition between practitioners, with open sharing of knowledge.

Creator of the Fertile Life Method and Author of The Fertile Life Method

Kirsten solely focuses on Reproductive and Women’s health conditions such as infertility (natural and IVF), pregnancy, pre-birth, labour and postnatal.  She approaches her patients with an open mind, compassion, and a medically integrative perspective, working closely with patients to return them to optimum health.

Kirsten has built a strong reputation on the Mornington Peninsula in gynaecology and fertility over 20 years providing optimum patient care pre and post-natal alongside GP’s midwives, gynaecologists, obstetricians and IVF specialists.

I cannot recommend highly enough Kirsten’s business coaching to anyone in our industry who wants to grow their business... The support and guidance that Kirsten offers was exactly what I needed. She genuinely cares about each and every one of us and wants to see us succeed. Her generosity and open and honest communication helped me immensely to start making the changes I needed to. I’m looking forward to taking my business to the next level and cannot wait to be involved in the next round!

Angela Connor

Blue Lotus Healing Fremantle WA

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The Business of Acupuncture is one of Kirsten’s programs to deliver;  helping practitioner run their own business whether that is a practice owner, partnership or sole trader.  We all know we did not learn how to run a successful business at University.  This course gives you everything you need to know from someone who has done it extremely successfully plus an abundance of resources.

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The fertile life seminar & masterclass is a live recording of the 2022 events, these are highly sought after courses by practitioners worldwide.  Learning Kirsten’s fertility detective systems which gives you the knowledge and skill to become a Chinese Medicine Reproductive specialist.



Organise an intimate learning experience with Kirsten at your next conference, workshop or private function.  Her style is straight forward, engaging and heartfelt.

I loved Kirsten's seminar, I came back to my clinic motivated and with some new strategies I hadn't tried before. After attending to a lot of seminars on the subject its difficult to find new ways that have been tried and work instead of research that is often difficult to put into practice and often boring! I am also amazed at the generosity and the huge amount of documents shared by Kirsten. I would highly recommend this seminar. Thank you Kirsten



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Organise an intimate learning experience with Kirsten at your next conference, workshop or private function.  Her style is straight forward, engaging and heartfelt.